Age… what does it teach you?

Crap I’m late! I’m always late! Why can’t I seem to wake up with my alarm clock? I set it, I hear it… but getting out of the bed and starting the day SUCKS… Over tired, wore out, back hurting… what is this crap? Is it just my age?

Roads that generate electricity, never ice over and are illuminated…

It was only a matter of time before someone made this a reality. Roads that are multifunction… The roads of the future generate electricity, are heated, are illuminated and can be made of recycled materials… Now if they can only build in wireless charging so your electric vehicle is able to maintain a wireless full charge… Hmmm… anyone interested in placing bets on how long that will take? Looks like Missouri may be the first to take that futuristic step… What’s next, driverless cars that never need to refuel… can you imagine a RV road trip with something like that?