Cancer Treatment: There are other options!

Herbal benefits of medical Marijuana.Cancer SUCKS! It can destroy lives, families, plans and dreams. You’re born, you learn everyday of your life and look forward to your future; then it happens.  Sometimes, that icy cold hand reaches out just a bit too soon and makes us suffer before the end. That is unless you’re some super mega rich jack wagon that has a personal pass to the fountain of youth in which case you can politely Go “F” Thy Self…

Honestly though, human kind has suffered through diseases and illnesses forever. HIV, Cancer, Schizophrenia, Ebola, Asthma, Diabetes and even the common cold all have no cure. However, there are several medicines that have helped to stave off the effects and even slow the progression of some diseases. In the news recently, Abbott Laboratories jacked up the price on medication, Norvir, that helped slow the reproduction of multiplying HIV cells within the body, a move that had thousands up in arms.

Other medications like CBD treatment for cancer is for the most part taboo due to its origins; a plant. A plant that is supposedly as dangerous as heroin but has caused zero overdose deaths, holds valuable uses like pain management, mental stimulation for ADD patients, sleep induction and even cancer cell elimination according to

Yes, pot kills cancer… Who’d have thought?

Doctors throughout the United States are split on the use of CBD treatment for Cancer. Federal and State regulations prevent many from even attempting the treatment while some allow it openly in the state drawing in millions of dollars of extra tax income annually. Why is a potentially life-saving drug illegal… The war on drugs, which can honestly Go “F” Thy Self because it is not working. In fact, it is causing more harm than good.

In the end, we all die, why not let those who want to try every possible option to extend their life, do so without being told that they are not worth saving… All lives matter …



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