Go “F” Thyself: What does the “F” mean?

Well for a lot of people, the “F” in the name means F***. In actuality it means fix. So many people, us included, can be so focused on others that they forget about themselves. Is it a bad thing? Aren’t you supposed to help others? Yes, but you should also help yourself too. Being selfish can be a good thing when it comes to your health.

I WANT to be around when the kids have kids that have kids. However, I won’t be if I don’t fix myself. I started 3 years ago when I quit smoking after 21 years. I also shed 50 lbs after fixing my diet the first time. Then I got lazy and fell back into old habits, the only difference was that I ate less. So starting 2016 off right is the first thing on my list.

So what does that “F” really mean? Go Fix Thyself!