Political Correction

by K P Magill
With 2015 drawing to a close and the holidays in the rear view mirror, I’ve finally had time to sit and catch up on the top news stories for the year. One of the most recent that caught my eye was an article titled “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, Which is more politically correct?” In the article, it emphasized the use of Happy Holidays as a non-denominational politically correct way to wish someone the happiest of the holidays of their choosing. In other words, say Happy Holidays so you don’t offend someone who doesn’t believe in or celebrate Christmas. I’ve read numerous news stories in the past few years on many varying “politically correct” topics. Last May, I remember reading an article about a valedictorian who wanted to pray during his speech. The school denied the request due to the fact that there may have been members of the audience that didn’t believe in prayer and would find it offensive to have to participate in something they didn’t believe in.

Now, being a valedictorian, you know this kid is smart. He and many other classmates thought it was wrong that he was not able to give his speech for the schools fear of offending someone. So, in the middle of his politically correct, school approved speech, he pauses, sneezes, and his entire graduating class, in unison, shouts “Bless you.” Now, in most of our lives, it’s become commonplace to avoid certain topics for fear of offending someone, or in my case, just to avoid the inevitable argument that will ensue about who’s right and who’s an idiot. I don’t normally discuss politics but unfortunately, with the election year upon us, it will be all over my facebook news feed and every other commercial will be one candidate trying to convince me that the other is the devil in disguise. I will continue to choose not to voice my opinions on any candidate or ballot issue to avoid the inevitable. But I guarantee I will see more than my fair share of knock down drag out fights because someone is supporting the “wrong” candidate and dared to post about it on facebook.
PC1I’m a big supporter of gay marriage, but I know better than to discuss this with most good churchgoing Christians. According to what I’ve been told, many times over now, being gay is an abomination! Well, let me ask you this, if you believe that being gay is an abomination because a book that was written roughly 2000 years ago tells you so, do you abide by everything that book says? According to the bible, divorce, wearing jewelry, women speaking in church and one of the biggies, no sex before marriage are all condemned in the bible, yet many still do them and have their happy asses planted in a church pew every Sunday. Please explain to me why I should be worried about offending someone that is so offended by an entire group of people simply asking for the right to marry the person they love?
In all fairness, political correctness does have its place in a civilized world. I certainly wouldn’t tell someone that they are wrong for believing something that I don’t. I was recently told I was wrong for telling someone that if one of my children turned out gay, I would love them no matter what and I would be as supportive of that as anything else they did in their life. I was told this by someone that is religious and, according to them, prays daily that I will find God someday. I was raised to be tolerant of others differing opinions and respect others views and beliefs. Out of respect for this person, I did not tell them that they are what is wrong with religion. I did not explain to them that hating someone for who they love is the exact opposite of what religion is supposed to teach. I simply nodded because had I opened my mouth, I would have spewed forth an ass chewing that would have effectively ended any relationship I have with this person. In other words, I chose the politically correct route. Sometimes, you have to take the high road.
I don’t worry about offending people with my beliefs. I’m a gun owning, atheist who eats meat and would be proud if one of my children was gay. My girls play with dolls and trucks. I dress in what’s comfortable, not what’s stylish. I’m not married but live with my boyfriend and our children. I have a college degree but I’m a stay at home mom at the moment. Eventually, I’ll go back to work and I look forward to that. I applaud any parent who can stay at home full time with their kids and I respect the ones that work to make a living to support their families. Pretty much my entire existence is offensive to someone. Do you think their opinion matters to me? Not in the slightest. I love my family and I’m raising my children to be tolerant, loving people who respect others as much as they respect themselves.
So, here’s my take on political correctness……Go F Thyself. If how I live my life and what I sayd or do offends you, too bad. Political Correctness is simply a pretty way of saying, “Play nice so that you don’t offend someone elses fragile toddler-ish feelings because they didn’t wear their big boy pants today and have decided to get butthurt that you don’t believe the same thing as them.” So, next time you’re offended by someone praying in public or by someone saying Merry Christmas or, well, by pretty much anything that doesn’t directly effect your life or health, here’s what you do. Take off the underroos, put on your big girl or big boy pants, realize that what offends you only matters to you and go f thyself. The world will never revolve around you so stop trying to make it.