Powerball Winnings


greedMuch of the world revolves around money, power and greed. It is a sad truth. The lottery in the United States is about to hit the highest jackpot ever. Edging closer and closer to a billion dollar payout, the lucky winner of the Powerball drawing will have an opportunity to change the lives of millions with their… well millions… But does this mean they will? I like material items just as much as the next person. However, given the opportunity, I would do something a bit different than any other lotto winner. If I ever had the opportunity to follow my wildest dreams, it would look something like this…


debt_freeFirst I would pay off all my personal debt along with the debt of 50 people including family, extended family and friends. I would do this not in a lump sum donation to each of them but with a stipulation that they would be required to attend and pass financial management classes with a minimum of a B letter grade. Why would I not force a 4.0? Because to me that is unrealistic. Not everyone in the world is a math genius but I would require that they fight hard for that debt payoff.

The second stipulation is that they obtain a 4 year degree from a specific college. This requirement is to help get them the tools needed to be successful going forward. The 4 year degree could focus on any area that would allow them to obtain a career in their selected field.


Education concept

Education is important to me. Keep in mind, it didn’t use to be… I eventually figured out that education was key to making anything of myself and being able to support a family. I completed college and that was one amazing day. I felt accomplished and actually found my career while going through classes. I had no clue what I wanted to do for the rest of my life until I made it through a few IT electives. I knew I wanted to design stuff and have an impact on people but I didn’t know how.

Now that I am in my selected career path, I couldn’t be happier. I have my family, great friends and I get to do what I love every day. This is what I want for those I help. I want others to be able to do what they love every day rather than just punching a clock. In fact, with the financial opportunity, I would continue through college and finish my masters and finally get my Doctorate.


I wouldn’t only help family and friends I would help as many people as possible through select charities and not for profits like Valley Hope Association. I would help with the study of CBD treatment for Cancer patients and other diseases via donations to independent researchers. I would also help the homeless veterans and children throughout the United States. In fact, helping the veterans is a key area for me. Not because I am one but because I feel they are looked down upon and stepped on, just typing that makes me upset and want to go on a rant… Maybe my next article will be on the disrespecting our veterans…


green-communityI have, for the most part, always struggled with affordable housing. Having a large family is very difficult to support with minimal pay. I want to give others the possibility to support a large family without the stress of paying all those bills. To do this, I would build a self-sufficient community. Not cut off from the world but independent in resource usage and food. A community garden, livestock, green energy sources and transportation all being the central point in the community. Initially, it would start out as a model for other communities but if and when proven successful, I would hope to see others go that direction too. Housing would be built for families of 5 or more and would require that the tenants help in the community be it with the community garden, livestock or other areas of the community. Homes would utilize the Tesla Home Battery Wall with connection to wind and solar sources, possibly more. Roads would use recycled materials and would serve a dual purpose via solar collection. They would also be heated to prevent ice buildup and lastly, they would be lit for easy night driving. Keep in mind, this is only a small portion of what that community would have.


Personally, I would build my restaurant and purchase a couple toys but in the long run, that is the bottom of the list. There is so much more that I would do… more than I want to put into this article actually… This leaves one last question… What would you do?