The “Will” to End January

no january

Are the resolutions working?  For me…yes and no.  I have cut back the mountain dew about half of what it used to be.  I find when I’m tired, not feeling good, or having a bad day, I could care less if I have a mountain dew.  But, I’m trying.  Eddie has much better willpower than I do.  He has more motivation and determination than I have.  We have been doing pretty good on the food.  I’m new to Pinterest so finding lots of awesome recipes on there!!!

Maybe this is why I hate January so much!  The whole world is talking about change this, change that, give up this, give up that!  Am I control freak?  Probably.  I’m guessing a good amount of the population likes to be able to do what they want.  As we were growing up, we were taught what is right from wrong, and what food was ok to eat and told what food was going to make us fat.  Of course, every month there is a new post or news article about what food is going to kill us and then there is some new fabulous thing to eat to make us live forever.  I can barely keep up!!!

We also pick the WORST season to try to change our lifestyle and eating habits.  It’s cold, and miserable outside.  The last thing I feel like doing is going outside for a walk, or leaving the house to go “work out”.  The foods that always sound the best in the winter are comfort foods!  Mashed Potatoes with chicken noodle, homemade dinner rolls and hot apple pie!  Winter is for hibernation, right?

Going forward, I will thrive to continue and make the changes I need to “fix” myself so I can live to be 100 years old and annoy the living crap out of my children.