One Step to Change

sun-in-bottomsWe live life so fast and rigorously that we often forget to stop, look and appreciate at the beauty around us. No matter if that beauty is in a setting sun, a smiling face, a rockin’ body or even something as simple as our children playing outside; we rarely take the time to truly appreciate the amazing world that surrounds us. As a society, it is my perception that all we do is rush, never enough time to do what we enjoy, always worried about making money to support our family or pay a bill.

There has to be a better way… a more relaxed way… Sure it’s great to relax while the world spins but if your mind is always racing with a million thoughts of things to do or that need done we will never really relax will we… While the only thing that would make all this stress go away is the abolishment of all currency making everything free in this world and shared with everyone… yeah, I know… not likely.

I have grown to realize that life is what you make of it. Obviously a large portion of the world fights to survive, paycheck to paycheck… if they even get one… I believe that if everyone took a moment to show their appreciation to someone who has impacted their life once a day, that we as a society, could begin to change how we feel about time and all those bills…

Ok, so the bills won’t go away and they will always be annoying, but at least you have shown your appreciation for someone and maybe brightened their day a bit. Most people, if not all, like a compliment or gesture of appreciation when they have impacted someone’s life.

While we cannot make others change, we can start the change with the most important component, that first step that you control. So sit back, think about who you appreciate and tell them.

– Eddie