Are We Born With Common Sense?

Common Sense.  We aren’t born with it, so we must learn it somewhere along the way as we grow up.  However, some seemed to have missed that lesson back in their school days.  I’m sure we have all witnessed somebody that just didn’t seem to “have a sensible bone in their body,” or is “one can short of a six-pack” and possibly “born under a box of rocks.”

So how does this lack of common sense happen?  Were children born to parents that didn’t have any common sense?  Is it a genetic disorder?  Maybe a missing gene in the DNA strand?  I don’t know how it happens, but I know it is super ass annoying!  

Since becoming a ParaProfessional and working with Kindergarten every day, I have seen this “lack” of common sense first hand.  Granted, they are only 5, so they have time to learn!  However, teaching their parents is another story, so sometimes these poor kids are doomed to grow up without any!  

For instance, it’s 10 degrees outside.  Either your kid rides the bus to school, they walk, or are given a ride.  But somehow, they come to school with only a small sweatshirt hoodie on.  WHAT?  Did this child just not see a parent this morning or anybody with any brains!?  Ok, so it might heat up to a whole 32 degrees today, but that is still way too cold for just a sweatshirt hoodie.  So now, it’s time for recess and the teacher notices this child does not have the appropriate attire for recess in 28 degree weather.  The teacher asks, “Where is your winter coat?  Where are your gloves?  Where is your hat? Scarf?”  So now this kid is just shrugging their shoulders and saying, I don’t know.  

Is it the kids’ fault they don’t have their winter coat on?  Since this child is only 5, I would say it leans a little more on the parents as to why they are not wearing the right coat.  However, as I have seen several teachers say to these kids, “It is your responsibility to make sure you have your coat, hat, gloves and scarf.”  Because, by the time they are in school they need to start being accountable for “their” things and “their” behavior.  In turn, maybe this will help this child learn some “common sense”, because obviously the parent has NONE!   


  • Laura