The High Price Of Our Health

Okay, time for a rant… I am so sick of the outrageous prices that pharmaceutical companies are charging. It’s not just them it’s almost every business out there that does it. I understand production costs, shipping, marketing and so on adds up but come on. Give me a damn break. The health care business should be called the health poverty business… They have put so many people into the ground because they couldn’t afford the treatment they needed or the medications that would help them become productive members of society…

It is all too well known that the top 1% controls 42% of the world’s wealth. Leaving many without a chance to make enough to support themselves or their families. Think about this for a second…

  • The elite want to control everything. How do they get there?
  • They take all our money by manipulating markets, prices on food, oil, everyday products and blame it on the economy. When, they are the core of the issue.
  • They buy out elected officials by making large donations to campaign funds to help sway votes in favor of the elite.
  • That gives the elite even more power to do what they want.
  • The general population then has to reach out to the banks to get loans to pay for treatment or medications that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford. Or get on government assistance. That places the individual into the “system” where they generally remain.
  • This gives the elite control over the population one home at a time all due to the easy way of getting the help they need or at least the appearance of it.

Woah, wait a minute… I know I sound like a conspiracy nut but this is how I see what is happening in society. The old adage “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer” I believe is the best way to put it. Even with insurance these days, affording the care some individuals need is ludicrously expensive. What’s that you say, you have cancer, oh well we’re going to raise your rates because your high risk or we’re sorry we have to drop your coverage because of (enter crazy loophole here).

Is it completely insane to think that ALL tax paying, hard working citizens deserve to have access to affordable healthcare that does not prevent them from affording to support their families? One example…

A family of 5 making 2500/month after taxes pays 650/month on health insurance, then on top of that insurance they have to pay another 600 for medications to help keep one or more of those family members healthy, then rent or mortgage if they are lucky enough at about 500/month. On top of that you have utilities at 350 plus maybe a phone at about 100/month… $300 per month to support a family of 5… Seriously? When you go to the store to buy food you’re going to spend that in a matter of minutes just grabbing the basics, most of which are processed foods since they are cheaper than the fresh produce.

This is just one more reason why I am changing my lifestyle. This is one of the reasons I am going to stop buying the processed crap they sell in the stores. I can grow my own vegetables, raise my own meat and if I run out, or if I am in an area where it is not possible to raise my own meat, I can support my local farmer’s market and ranchers by investing into fresh foods over processed foods.

By taking control of what we eat and drink, it is possible to be healthier. I also know that with a bit of hard work and self education, I can provide healthy food for my family.

– Eddie