What do aspirin, alcohol, cigarettes and meth all have in common?

What do aspirin, alcohol, cigarettes and meth all have in common? Give up? Let me give you a hint; cannabis is not… Still can’t think of the answer? Maybe that is because society has been blinded by the mainstream media and the establishment’s position that has deemed cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic with no medical value. They are all man made products that’s what they all have in common!

In fact, cannabis is deemed more hazardous than meth… SERIOUSLY? Have you see the effects meth has on an individual, a family or even a town? If cannabis is so dangerous, why is it that the FDA has shown that cannabinoids kill cancer cells, help with depression, help with PTSD, help with pain, help with breaking the dependence to opioids both prescribed and illicit and so much more?

Anyone who fights SUD, Substance Use Disorder, can be affected by many different types of substances. There are groups for gambling addiction, porn addiction, technology addiction, alcoholism and more which proves that it is not just the substance that is at fault. Addiction is a disease that can be rather difficult to treat.

We see that difficulty throughout the many studies performed by the World Health Organization and groups like NIDAA. However, they don’t include substances outside of alcohol or other substances. The stigma that surrounds addiction has been formed over years of misinformation fed through the media to people around the world.

While not everyone will agree with these views, it is a proven fact that addiction is a genetic disorder according to the National Institute of Health and the Genetic Science Learning Center of Utah. This does not mean that if you have that gene, you WILL become an addict, it just means you need to educate yourself about addiction and be careful.

Step out of the mainstream media shadow and educate yourself. Dig deeper into ALL the news of the world and make up your own mind. Not everything is what it seems, sometimes it’s SO much more.