Facebook Changes Like System

Emoji fans rejoice as Facebook appears to have updated its aged like system. The emotions drawn from some posts often leave many wishing for another way to interact with a post. Now you can identify your emotional reaction to a post using Like, Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad or Mad with your post. Facebook has often been seen as a social experiment, testing the emotional reactions of its users. Now, with the new like system, the emotions from users are readily available.new-fb-likes

How will this translate to the statistics of the millions of pages and the measurement of posts there in? Is this going to change the landscape of how marketers and others develop their content? Will it reduce the comments where individuals actually discussed their emotions or thoughts related to a post?

Digging through the insights on Facebook shows little change actually. Currently, the emoji’s are not being measured independently. That’s not to say they won’t in the future. In fact, breaking down the likes in the post per emoji COULD help content developers create material that really connects with the user. It may also allow some users the ability to express themselves without a paragraph of explanation. Overall, it may just increase the likelihood of a comment. We shall see as the days roll on what Facebook does with their new and improved like system.