Education! Where would we be without teachers?

We all know the alphabet, but how did you learn it??  Possibly a parent but you probably learned the letters and sounds in kindergarten or maybe preschool. Then after kindergarten we continue on to 1st grade, 2nd grade, and ultimately graduate from high school.  This is the norm for pretty much all of us.  Even in other cultures, the children are sent to school or some type of teaching at some point.  Without learning, we would be literally ignorant and not ready to live in society, and definitely not be able to hold down a job.

So tell me, why is it that teachers are so underpaid?  We pay professional athletes, politicians, and many professions more, but ultimately teachers were there first.  I find this irrational and ridiculous.  Next year I will turn 50 years old, and I am really starting to question the United States and some of the stupidity I have noticed over the last few years.

Shouldn’t credit go where credit is due?  I wouldn’t be typing this right now if I hadn’t had somebody teach me to read, how to write, or how to type (which used to be on a very noisy type writer in the 80’s)!  This computer I’m using would have never been invented without teachers.  I actually have a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music Education with a minor in Sociology.  I haven’t taught since 1996.  My yearly salary then was $24,000.00 a year.  I have no idea what a teacher makes these days, but I can guess it’s not as much as they deserve.

I am currently a Para Professional at an elementary school.  I work with Kindergarten through 2nd grade special education children.  I don’t even make over $10.00 an hour, but because I LOVE what I do, I continue to do it and I’m happy. I hope someday our society will come to realize that without teachers, there wouldn’t even be a “world” to live in.