Who Needs A Laptop Anyway – Personal HUD On The Way

Okay, I know that the modern age is bound to usher in some AMAZING inventions but come on, this is EPIC! Sony recently patented a contact lens that houses a camera, which in some circles has privacy advocates up in arms. Technology has been used and abused for years and it’s not going to stop any time soon. There is a ton of good something like this can do, namely, the potential, with the right modifications, to allow those with limited or no vision to have what they so desperately need, a clear picture of the world.

I know it’s a huge leap BUT, with Googles idea of integrating a glucose monitor into a contact, rapidly decreasing size of electronic components, Microsoft’s recent DNA purchase from Twist Bioscience for data storage and research and now Sony jumping into the mix… it makes me think. If the technology giants, somehow, worked together, they could change the way we look at, well, everything.

Imagine an Augmented Reality HUD available to you at all times. There would be no use for laptops, desktops or even cell phones! A pair of contact lenses could remove the barriers from those who are stuck at a desk, allowing the cubical farms to be a thing of the past. Imagine being able to go to work from where ever you are through an AR (Augmented Reality) desktop.

However, with the lack of security today, think about the advances required to secure that kind of technology. Not just the personal privacy issues but hackers too. Could you imagine if a hacker was able to attack your personal HUD and cause you to see, what you felt was real but wasn’t? How about subliminal messaging in the HUD making you want to do something you otherwise would never think of…

Take that one step further and think about the military use of such technology. Think about if you could connect that technology to someone’s biometric readings and have that connected to a central hub that allows authorities to view your last 5 minutes prior to death upon receiving an end of life signal… I can only imagine… Until next time techno fiends!


To read more about Sony visit slashgear.com.

To read more about Google’s glucose monitor visit healthline.com or Google’s Blog.

To read more about Microsoft’s use of DNA, yes DNA to store data and their recent purchase visit engadget.com or view the press release from Twist Bioscience.