6 things to think about before getting a cat…

630x420-ds-photo-46-127-fotolia_1190028_XSAnimals can be amazing friends. When your having a down day, your pet can make you smile. If you like to go outside, they can have fun with you. If you like to exercise, they can be great partners. However, if your thinking about getting a pet, namely a cat here are a few things to think of before you take that important, life changing step.

If you have nice leather furniture, it will soon be nice perforated leather. Think of it this way, it will help keep you cool when it gets a bit warmer outside.

Speaking of warmer… Do you ever get cold at night? With a cat you will soon have a vibrating fur neck warmer that sleeps with you on a nightly basis, no gruff beard required.


How about those pesky house flies? Ever get tired of those buzzing around? Well prepare to be entertained with amazing feline acrobatics. Cats are so much better than venous fly traps.

How is your stock in fabreze? You might want to buy in bulk because your cat will tickle your nose with the fresh odor of digested cat food and ammonia. Yum!

While we’re talking about the toilet, if you like wiping your bottom with toilet paper, don’t get used to it because you’ll soon be using confetti.outoftoiletpaper1

If your looking for a cute, affectionate, furry ball of joy… Well my friend your in for a great treat cause they are uber cute and cuddly.