Because this is America, that’s why.

First of all, the lady in this picture is an idiot, why the hell would you do that to the U.S. Flag… beyond that, this story illustrates not the discord in our political system but the petty, greedy, self-indulgent adolescent behavior one might expect in a damn 2-year-old. These are our elected officials? Seriously!?!

This ‪#‎nevertrump‬ movement is completely bat-shit crazy and shows once again that if you are not a part of the good’ole boys system we have in our government, they don’t want you in office. On our page we try, VERY HARD, to not talk about politics but this is case in point. In general, if you tell people they don’t want something or that they should not like something, you are bound to have a large influx of individuals who say you can shove it and do it anyway… why… because this is America, that’s why.

Hate and fear mongering consume the news, lies and deceit cover politics and the people who need help in this country who are actual citizens go, for the most part, unassisted. Is this truly the country that men and women have fought and died for? Is this seriously the country that we want to leave for our children and our children’s children and so on?

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