Age… what does it teach you?

Crap I’m late! I’m always late! Why can’t I seem to wake up with my alarm clock? I set it, I hear it… but getting out of the bed and starting the day SUCKS… Over tired, wore out, back hurting… what is this crap? Is it just my age? Does this mean I am getting old? Not today… nope… no way… The phrase, you are only as old as you THINK you are rings in here… If, age is nothing but a number, then why the hell does my back and rest of my damn body hurt so much…

Annoying… to say the very least.

While sitting in a room full of successful individuals including Doctors and individuals with one or more master’s degrees I came to a realization that being the youngest in the room can be quite interesting. The mix of unique personalities, backgrounds and educational experiences made for one of the most influential things I have ever done for the company I work for.

While I may not connect with them on my passion for heavy metal or fast cars, my knowledge of web or graphics design or even something as small as Microsoft office, I found that everyone in the room offered a unique perspective on their job, their career field and their overview of life.

Maybe it’s just me, but, when I look at faces long enough, I start to wonder how they got to be who they are. My realization while in the room was that even though I am younger, I still have an impact on the overall conversation. My input in discussions can bring a deterrent from the main topic or a deeper dive into issues that were previously unspoken.