How Go “F” Thyself was the beginning of Jameson Digital

New Year’s Eve… The day where uncountable promises are made but rarely kept.

There have been a lot of stupid things happen in 2016 and prior. The more visible our everyday lives become through Social Media the more stupid we see. Mistakes happen… to all of us. To avoid gaining attention from the masses in a negative light, as Phillip De’Franco would say, don’t be stupid, stupid…

Last year I promised to lose weight… I have, just not what I wanted to lose. I lost a bunch of weight and then gained it back then lost it and gained it back again… This was no one’s fault but my own. The choices I made, created the up and down rhythm of my weight loss journey. I made stupid choices… I was stupid. I have taken my stupid-be-gone and now… it’s time to step up my game.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past year. I’ve taken part in one of the most historical elections in recent history, I’ve helped to save the lives of some amazing furry friends, I’ve even started Jameson Digital. Much of what has happened this year was not planned. Some of it was a goal I set when I was just a kid still in high school.

Throughout the year, I have looked deeper into what New Year’s resolutions really are… to me at least. For me, I find that it is best to give yourself a date or a day to start something. This start date is there to help you measure your success or failure for a given goal. In fact, when my wife and I started, it was mostly out of fun and just a way to up the game on an inside joke. I think we won…

However, the beginning of was also the start of something else that I had not realized at that time. It was the start of Jameson Digital. I had realized that creating content and sharing it with others was the place that I wanted to be. It was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I love to create things, always have. Now that I think back, ever since I was 14 years old, I wanted to create things for a living. I remember when that thought first came into my head.

I was sitting in my bedroom in my parent’s basement, building a model of a 1968 Challenger. It was one of those level 3 plastic models that had a million pieces to it that you had to paint and finish before you put them all together. I had taken the springs and cut them all in half, bought some aftermarket oversized model rims from Hobby Lobby and put them on the car. It gave it this lowered, modern look that everyone is going for today. Back then it was unheard of to do that to a classic but I thought it looked cool. (Yes, I still have the car, packed away in a box somewhere.)

I guess what I am getting at is that, years ago, I had a dream to create things for a living. I didn’t fall into that dream, I made it happen. With the help of my family and people in the world telling me I couldn’t do something, I did it… well almost.

I do not just create things as much as I would like. I learned that doing what I love is more than that. It is learning how to get what I create in front of people. It is finding ways to have others want me to create things for them. I see it as more of a way to make one’s dream, a reality in a way. The type of promise that is more than just words, it’s planning and action. Something that the world needs a bit more of.

To me, a promise is an unrealized goal. A goal that has not had any planning or time dedicated to its success. So, 2016, for me was a year of testing my theory. 2017, is the year that I test it again, this time with a bit more focus. It is not a promise, it is a goal. A measurable, actionable goal.

My Goal for 2017 contains many pieces that make up the larger goal for the year. Each month has a specific goal that feeds two 6-month goals and the two 6-month goals make up the overarching goal for the year. Without the successful completion of the monthly goals, the 6-month goal is still possible. Adversely, if one of the 6-month goals fail, the annual goal is MUCH more difficult to pull off.

If you take your goal or anything you do for that matter, one step at a time… anything is possible.