FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids

Recently, the FDA approved the use of OxyContin for kids as young as 11 years old. There are a few issues with this. I may not be a doctor, a pharmacologist, or even a scientist but I do know, from experience, the addictive nature of these medications. This article expresses my opinion after researching the addictive nature of the vast amount of medications on the legal market compared to the uses of cannabinoids.

Addiction is a disease. This disease can be triggered by many things but when someone who has that specific genetic marker, they are much more susceptible to Substance Use Disorder. Just because they are more susceptible, does not mean it is inevitable, it just means that they are at a higher risk. The recent change in policy that allows children as young as 11 to be prescribed the use of OxyContin is simply shocking.

While parents may manage these medications for their children if that parent also suffers from Substance Use Disorder, how is this going to help them? For years, adults have been riddled with pills, pills and more pills to help alleviate pain and other ailments. Many of these medications can help. At other times, these medications can lead directly to a lifetime dependence. These medications are known to cause damage to internal organs.

Why would anyone willfully do that to their children, especially when there are alternatives out there to these pills? Do profits mean more to the FDA and pharmaceutical companies than human lives do? While the FDA may not operate as a for-profit, its budget has increased for the past 10 years and now sits at $5.1 billion, 9% over its 2014 budget of $4.7 billion continuing its up-word trend.

2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2006
$5.1b $4.7b $4.3b $3.2b $2.1b $1.6b

So what other options are there? The most controversial of all, medical cannabis. Now wait, don’t go throwing rocks just yet. I’m not talking about getting kids high. I am talking about using the extracts formulated specifically for the ailment that child is suffering. That’s one of the positive points of medical cannabis. You can tailor it to the needs of the patient.

However, many organizations are against this plant and its properties. This prevents it from being seen as a valuable, safe alternative to the medications that damage vital organs in order to help make the user “feel better”. In most cases, this disdain is primarily because of the mainstream media feeding a massive amount of misinformation about the substance. It’s scientifically proven ability to fight and in some cases kill cancer cells goes mostly unrecognized, even though the proof is in the FDA’s own report.

The natural pain suppressant capabilities among thousands of other uses all halted through the decades by the failed war on drugs. Currently legal for use in 30 states in some form be it medical or recreational. Over half of the United States has approved its use, yet, the United States government still feels it is vital to block its use federally. It makes one wonder what their reasoning is. Could it be the massive amount of funding allocated to federal regulations via the FDA and the overpopulated for-profit prison system?

Could it be that the greed and corruption made so visible during the 2016 elections is the barrier to the acceptance that the disease of addiction is fed more by the pharmaceutical companies than it is by the illicit narcotics that the government continues to waste resources on? Finally, is it really a good idea to risk the futures of children’s well-being with the use of OxyContin and other questionable, highly addictive drugs approved by the FDA and made by pharmaceutical companies?


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  1. Disgusted they can’t possibly be completely unaware of the oppit epidemic could they?
    Government oppression at its finest.
    Very sad

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