How Go “F” Thyself was the beginning of Jameson Digital

Throughout the year, I have looked deeper into what New Year’s resolutions really are… to me at least. For me, I find that it is best to give yourself a


January SUCKS, or does it?

Well, at least I think it does.  Teachers and kids are back at school after being off for the holidays and needless to say, some kids aren’t too excited about it.  Some of us are broke after Christmas, and a good amount of us are sick with every other virus/flu outbreak in the world!  I would be ok with January being taken off the calendar, even though I know that won’t fix anything.  But, it’s almost over!  Yay! 

Which brings us to….February!!  I love February!  It’s the month Eddie and I met 13 years ago  and the month our son was born 12 years ago.  And, of course Valentine’s Day!  Eddie seems to feel Valentine’s Day is a “corporate” scam.  He believes it is only a day for everybody to waste money on each other instead of taking daily opportunities to tell your loved ones how you feel about them.  As much, as I understand his thinking on this, I still believe Valentine’s has a special place in our “hearts” (pun intended) for kids of all ages.

Personally, I love watching the kids give their Valentines to their friends and teachers.  I see it as a way for them to learn to express themselves and show their friends how they feel.  It makes them happy to see their friends, teachers and parents light up when they give them a simple little piece of paper that says, “I love you, will you be my Valentine?”

In other cases, it is a time where some individuals are willing to take a risk with a slight possibility to reach out for one of their dreams. Dreams like Eddie has such as opening his own diner.  We have both had this dream for years and talked about it so many times, we already know the name of it!  “His, Hers and OURS”  which on the surface seems novel until you hear the catch… and we’re not giving it away… How do YOU determine the right time to take that step into the unknown? 



Powerball Winnings

Much of the world revolves around money, power and greed. It is a sad truth. The lottery in the United States is about to hit the highest jackpot ever. Edging closer and closer to a billion dollar payout, the lucky winner of the Powerball drawing will have an opportunity to change the lives of millions with their… well millions… But does this mean they will?