FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids

Recently, the FDA approved the use of OxyContin for children as young as 11 years old. So what other options are there? The most controversial of all, medical cannabis.


January SUCKS, or does it?

Well, at least I think it does.  Teachers and kids are back at school after being off for the holidays and needless to say, some kids aren’t too excited about it.  Some of us are broke after Christmas, and a good amount of us are sick with every other virus/flu outbreak in the world!  I would be ok with January being taken off the calendar, even though I know that won’t fix anything.  But, it’s almost over!  Yay! 

Which brings us to….February!!  I love February!  It’s the month Eddie and I met 13 years ago  and the month our son was born 12 years ago.  And, of course Valentine’s Day!  Eddie seems to feel Valentine’s Day is a “corporate” scam.  He believes it is only a day for everybody to waste money on each other instead of taking daily opportunities to tell your loved ones how you feel about them.  As much, as I understand his thinking on this, I still believe Valentine’s has a special place in our “hearts” (pun intended) for kids of all ages.

Personally, I love watching the kids give their Valentines to their friends and teachers.  I see it as a way for them to learn to express themselves and show their friends how they feel.  It makes them happy to see their friends, teachers and parents light up when they give them a simple little piece of paper that says, “I love you, will you be my Valentine?”

In other cases, it is a time where some individuals are willing to take a risk with a slight possibility to reach out for one of their dreams. Dreams like Eddie has such as opening his own diner.  We have both had this dream for years and talked about it so many times, we already know the name of it!  “His, Hers and OURS”  which on the surface seems novel until you hear the catch… and we’re not giving it away… How do YOU determine the right time to take that step into the unknown? 



Are Kids Annoying?

Raising Kids….

My 19 year old son is yelling downstairs…”my clothes are still wet!!” What the hell?  I go downstairs and realize that there is this HUGE load of super wet dripping clothes in the dryer!  Son of a %&*^$!  I then proceed to yell at my youngest son, “Why are there so many clothes in the dryer and WHY are they soaking wet?”  Of course, I never really get the answer I want hear, which would have been, “Mom, I was lazy and added more clothes to the washer because I was so lazy, I didn’t want to put them in the dryer, so they didn’t rinse right, but I didn’t care, so I just put all of them in the dryer, hoping nobody would notice.”  

So now, the 19 year old is late for work, the youngest son is apologizing over and over trying to get out of being in trouble.  I explain to the youngest son, you cannot put that much in a washer!  “We just got done paying off this damn thing and you might have broke it!  If you broke it, you are going to be grounded for 6 months paying it off!”  

Of course I know, there is no way he can pay it off with “actual” money, but I have plenty of future laundry, future dishes, and super gross toilets he can clean!  Why do kids do this crap?  Kids are smarter than most people give them credit for.  They just choose to make stupid and irresponsible choices, which is why they NEED parents or adults in their lives to help them grow and learn.

If you have kids, whether you chose to or not, these kids are your responsibility.  As parents, we need to nurture them, teach them, help them make good choices, be there when they make bad ones, and support decisions we don’t like.  Our kids look up to us for advice, for help when they are confused or lost.  I know that I would not be living the life I have, if my parents wouldn’t have been there for me while I was growing and learning and screwing *&^% up!

Raising kids is the most rewarding thing I have ever done with my life.  Their unconditional love has no boundaries.  Even when we hear “MOM” 17 million times a day and respond with gritted teeth, “WHAT do you want!”  They still love you even though they know we are annoyed beyond belief!  Kids equals happiness, love and everlasting craziness that never ends!  OH, and hopefully they will be there to take care of you when you’re older because now you (the parent) is going to need the same type of help you gave them when they were younger, like maybe a diaper change!  HAHAHAHA!

– Laura